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Our Process

Your Ideal Body

We determine what your beach-ready, ideal body looks like. Want a lifted butt? Firm, toned abs? Sexy, lean legs? No problem!

Custom Meal Plan

We design an easy-to-follow meal plan that’s simple, delicious and has you losing weight instantly! No starvation, no pills, no miserable dieting!

Fun & engaging workouts

Our custom made-for-you workouts turn your body into a fat burning machine so you can lose weight even while you are asleep!

supermodel sexy

You fit perfectly into that skinny dress! Feel confident and sexy in a bikini! Simply put: you get the sexy, lean and hot body you always wanted!

I have been on Amir’s program for five months and have noticed great positive changes both physically and mentally. It motivated me to be more active and disciplined. I now look forward to my weekly workouts and no longer dread exercising. Amir himself is very knowledgeable and goal-oriented. He is also honest and caring. I highly recommend him and have full confidence and trust in him and his programs.

Parisa Ghatri

I always wanted to have a coach, but was picky on who to choose. Once I heard about Amir and talked to him, I knew we would be a good fit.
Exercise has now become a daily routine and I now feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. And I particularly LOVE that I can fit into my size zero dresses now! I recommend Amir to my friends and family and will stay with him until I reach my personal and professional goals, since he is a great

Houra Taheri

What sets Amir apart from other coaches is his comprehensive understanding of the human body as well as extensive experience in his field. Undoubtedly, Amir had a positive impact in my life. I used to work out almost daily until I was diagnosed with a chronic vestibular condition… in short, it meant being dizzy all the time. Amir created a nutrition plan perfectly tailored for me, and with his workouts in two short months I was able to workout regularly again…And I also lost several inches from my arms, waist and thighs. My next goal is to get abs just for bragging rights 🙂

Laura Kunkle

Amir’s program is well planned out and every workout simple to follow. He understands how to balance a busy schedule with a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight has never been easier or more fun. Most importantly, Amir’s commitment to my success was astonishing. He is not happy or satisfied unless you are seeing results. I not only look much better but feel amazing too! Many thanks to Amir! Try it out, you will thank me later!

Kelly Gutierrez

I’ve been working with Amir for over 3 years now and it has been fantastic. I didn’t like to exercise when I started but he made it fun and challenging and I started seeing great results. It’s been a fun ride since and I look forward to my workouts now, as well as getting into my favorite skinny dress.

Tala Mahdavi


Amir’s coaching program is amazing! I not only lost a significant amount of fat and weight and dropped multiple sizes, but I am the strongest and fittest I have ever been. The program is clear, easy to follow and sustainable! Truly, my entire life has changed as a result of working with Amir. I credit him and his program with helping me not only be in the best shape of my life, but also helping me grow into a strong, confident and successful woman!

Jennifer McNally

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Why Choose Us?

100% Referral Based
Unlike everyone else who just says it but doesn’t follow through, we actually do go above and beyond to get our clients fit, sexy and confident so they can be happy and proud to show off their bodies. We never needed any marketing or promotions – our clients’ successes are our best advertising!
ladies only
We specialize in getting women that sexy, lean, supermodel look by developing custom-made diet and exercise programs designed to address the women-specific physiology. Whether you want to get rid of the stubborn thigh fat, get the lean, firm abs or sexy, lifted butt – we got you covered!
custom made for you
One-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. We help you lose weight fast and keep it off because we tailor both nutrition and exercise program to fit YOUR lifestyle and most importantly – YOUR specific weight loss and physique goals. With this approach, your Supermodel look is virtually guaranteed!
here to stay
Over the last decade, we have helped more than 340 women from all over Northern Virginia and Maryland to get their supermodel, sexy look. Our reputation is our legacy and getting you that perfect body is our promise and our guarantee!


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